To Download the battle royale game, You have to visit the website indusbattleroyaleapk.com . there you will find a download button. You have to click and the Apk folder will be easily downloaded

To download Indus Battle Royale on IOS, You would have to visit the official website of the Indus battle royal apk website or you can also download it from the ios app store.

Yes, You can do it as You Want. For this, you can visit any fancy font generator tool website and copy the font from there and paste it here.

Characters in Indus BR are cosmetic only and do not offer any special abilities in the match.

We have handful of interesting emotes for characters planned for release sometime later this year once the game is live.

There will be a bunch of standard melee weapons like knives and some special indo-futuristic melee items

A special resource known as cosmium which only spawns on the map of Virlok under special conditions will be there as an optional victory condition for the BR matches. Players can win either by being last men standing or by being the first to collect this mysterious resources.